Building & Renovating in Cairns

By Felicity Maxa 05 Sep, 2017
Renovations are in again (I'm not sure they were ever out).  With property shows like The Block beaming into our lounge rooms it evokes the idea that we can all grab a paintbrush and buy a couple of soft furnishings and live a life worthy of a glossy magazine shoot.

The reality couldn't be more different.  A great renovation requires an enormous amount of time an energy in the planning stage.  I should know.  Not only have Karl and I renovated our own properties in the past, but we're about to again.  'Should be easy" you say.  'This is what you do for a living'.  The building process will be easy.  Selecting tiles, paint etc will be easy.  The actual floor plan though has been tough.  

You see we're raising and moving our Queenslander and renovating within the original buildings footprint.  We've got a tight but reasonable budget and without the luxury of extending, we've had to be clever to fit in all the things we need.  We've also had to consider the needs of our family as our kids grow.  

Our home is a beautiful 1940's Queenslander, with original casement windows and enclosed veradahs.   As with most of these style homes, the downstairs area was never intended to be enclosed, so the ceilings are not legal height.  After years of ducking and knocking heads, we'll add four bedrooms, a lounge room and an office downstairs.  The original home had two bedrooms upstairs, but we've incorporated them with the enclosed verandahs into a master bedroom.   This is going to be a massive renovation.
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